What Does the Future Hold for Software Engineers?

software engineersCurrent and prospective software engineers around the country have similar thoughts and concerns. With the rapid pace in which software and technology is developing, they can’t help but wonder if their jobs will eventually be taken over by robots and automation. Artificial Intelligence is real and valuable in many aspects of our everyday lives, but it’s hard to see a scenario where it would replace the expertise of software engineers. So what is the future for software engineer jobs, then? We’ve taken a closer look at where the industry could be headed.

Will Automation Take Away Jobs?

The good news for software engineers is as more things become automated, the more their jobs are secure. Automation will very likely take away other jobs in IT, but those people can then make a shift into software development. The reason is because machine learning is very specialized, and it takes a human to produce automation. So while automation is going to take away jobs, there isn’t an imminent threat to replace software engineer jobs.

How E-Commerce May Impact Software Engineers

Cryptocurrency, wearables, mobile devices and more are slowly changing e-commerce. The trends indicate digital currencies are going to continue developing and will become more of the norm. Software engineers are needed to write the code for each of these forms, so companies will rely on skilled experts to be able to adapt and stay ahead of the trends. The shift to using digital currency in society will likely take a while, so software engineers can set themselves up for the future by preparing for this shift right now.

Software Engineers Will Need A Focused Skill Set

It’s possible small business owners and other companies will start writing their own basic software to save some money. You can find basic level training online, which may eventually lead to a lower reliance on software engineers to take care of basic IT needs. However, trained and educated software engineers with a focused skill set will always be in demand. Companies today want their experts to be innovative, ahead of the trends, and focusing on higher-level tasks rather than spending time on basic software engineering.

Catapult Staffing is well aware of where the future is heading for software engineering. As an IT staffing company, we are always taking a look at the latest trends, while observing our present and past situations. An experienced software engineer is invaluable today and will continue to be in the future. And the good news is a lower level software engineer with minimal experience can still work their way up with the right ambition level. Never hesitate to contact us to help you find the right career fit or if you have any questions relating to the IT industry.