Top 5 Qualities of a Software Engineer

Being a software engineer requires a unique mix of technical skills and personal skills. As the demand for software engineer jobs continues to rise, employers are becoming more selective about the candidates they choose to bring in for an interview. If you don’t have a certain set of qualities, you may be overlooked before you have a chance to even demonstrate your skills to them. Here are the top five qualities of a software engineer you should possess if you want to find a career in this industry.

Be Detail-Oriented

Being detail-oriented is a quality trait for any job, but especially for a software engineer. A detailed person can write much stronger code, catch and fix mistakes in their code and even identify issues in other coworkers’ codes as well.

Always Consider The Big Picture in Each Project

Detail is critical, but getting an idea of the big picture is important also. Understand why the software code you’re writing is valuable for your customer or client. Also, consider whether the code you’re developing will still be usable a year or more down the road. Thinking ahead will put you ahead of the curve.

Be Passionate

Software engineer jobs aren’t for people who just want a job. You have to be passionate about what you do, or you’ll experience burnout quickly. Find your own personal sense of accomplishment and ownership in every project you do, whether it’s on the clock or at home on your own time. Passionate software engineers tend to do a better job overall.

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

It’s great to be innovative, but also try not to make things more complicated than they have to be. If a particular code works well, don’t try to reinvent it. Instead, use it how it is and build from it. This practice will make you much more efficient at your job so you can learn more skills and increase productivity.

software engineer jobsWork Well Individually and in Teams

Many people believe a software engineer is stuck at a computer desk all day without talking to anyone. While there are days when this happens, you also have to work well as a team. Some co-workers may have a different skillset than you, which could benefit your particular project. Being able to work well on your own and in groups will make you a better software engineer overall.

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