The Most Important Big Data Skills to Develop

In order to find the best jobs in big data, you have to have a certain baseline skill set. However, since the requirements for finding these jobs are similar, you also have to offer unique skills to be attractive for employers. Since the manner in which big data is used by employers is constantly evolving, your skills as a job candidate should also evolve as well. If you’re unsure what those skills are, a reliable IT staffing agency can help you narrow down which ones to focus on. Here are some of the most important big data skills to focus on and develop today.

big data jobsData Visualization And Analytics

Data visualization and analytical skills are always required for big data jobs, but people can interpret them differently. Being strong in both areas means you have the ability to scientifically analyze data, while also being creative and imaginative with the data. Having a solid grasp of business concepts is also critical so you’re able to apply your knowledge to meet specific business needs. Setting a solid foundation of business knowledge will help highlight your analytical and data visualization skills and make you stand out to potential employers.


Anyone searching for jobs in big data should know programming is an essential skill to have. The more programming languages you know, the more attractive you will be as a candidate to potential employers. However, it’s also important to narrow down your focus to be an expert in at least a couple different programming languages. The most common ones to focus on should be Java, C++, R and Python, since these are the main languages businesses have a need for experts for. Once you’ve gained a full understanding of these languages, then you can explore other languages to learn.

Understand Multiple Different Technologies

Employers hiring experts for big data jobs today expect candidates to know many different technologies. Simply understanding SQL and Microsoft Excel are no longer the only technologies you should have mastered. Those are important, but you should also learn technologies like Cognos, MatLab, SPSS, SAS, Python, Linux, Spark and others. You can narrow your focus by working with an IT staffing agency to see what specific skills the employers you are interested in require from their job candidates. The idea is to be an expert in multiple technologies, and also be familiar with many more so nothing is foreign to you.

Catapult Staffing has access to various jobs in big data for job candidates with many different skill sets. No two jobs in big data are equal regarding their requirements, so having as many quality skills as possible, while also remaining focused on certain skills, will help you stand out. We are here to help match your specific skills with the perfect employers, so contact us today to see how to get started on the career path you desire.