Key Factors When Choosing a Career in Cyber Security

It takes a special person with a special skill set to pursue a career in cyber security. That’s not to scare anyone away from the industry, but many people don’t quite understand all the ins-and-outs of the industry and what the demands are.

IT jobs are very rewarding, but they are difficult and demanding at the same time. You have to constantly stay on your toes and you never stop learning. If you’re considering a career in cyber security, here are some of the main factors you need to think about.

You Must Be Proactive

Following the traditional path of getting a degree, finding a job and sitting back and relaxing isn’t possible with most IT jobs. You have to be proactive and stay on top of the latest trends and hacks by keeping up with news and learning new strategies. Being proactive is one of the top attributes of any cyber security professional. So if you are naturally proactive, then this could be a great career option for you.

Career Paths Aren’t Strictly Defined

Working 9-5 Monday through Friday isn’t what a career in cyber security is all about. On a larger scale, this industry is different from others in that technical knowledge is valued more than experience. Cyber security companies are more willing to hire people with limited experience if they have extensive knowledge. This is far different from many other industries, which require a lot of experience before hiring anyone.

Cyber securityThe Industry is in Demand

Any staffing agency will tell you the demand for IT jobs is at an all-time high. But just because the jobs are in-demand doesn’t mean it’s easy to get a job. You still have to have the knowledge and skills required, because companies won’t take the time to train you on the job. With that being said, thousands of entry-level and mid-level positions are available to candidates with the right skills and technological background.

Continual Learning is Required

You’re never going to stop learning in your cyber security career. It isn’t a career where you can know everything about your industry in 5-10 years. In fact, what you learned 5-10 years ago likely doesn’t even apply today. Keeping up with the industry will require you to continue learning outside of job hours. The more you learn, the better you’ll be able to climb the career ladder and be a better cyber security professional.

Catapult Staffing isn’t just another staffing agency. We take the time to learn about each candidate and pair them with a company looking for similar qualities. We don’t just want to help you find a job, but rather find you the right job. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in cyber security and have the qualifications necessary, be sure to contact us to help you find the right fit.