Are Graduate Engineers Satisfied With Their Job?

In general, graduate engineers are satisfied with their job. However, a lot of job satisfaction comes from having realistic expectations and knowing what you signed up for ahead of time. Some engineering jobs may not pay as much as other sectors, but the industry is still well above the national salary average. Money isn’t always the key to happiness and job satisfaction, though, so here are some reasons why graduate engineers are satisfied with their job.

Work/Life Balance Considerations

Many people today are more concerned with having a good work/life balance rather than bringing home the highest salary possible. One of the challenges for any staffing agency is to find jobs for engineers who want to work a set amount of hours each week. Most graduate engineers say they are satisfied with the job they have because they aren’t constantly working. This work/life balance create satisfaction overall in most cases.

Engineering jobsRealistic Expectations Create Job Satisfaction

Whether you’re looking for electrical engineer jobs or other engineering jobs, having realistic expectations will create job satisfaction. The graduate engineers who report being satisfied with their job knew they would have to work hard, may not get paid as much as they wanted, but would ultimately enjoy what they did. Consider the type of work you want to do, the office environment you want to work in and how you want to utilize your skills before reaching out to a staffing agency to find a job.

Finding The Right Job Area is Key

Many graduate engineers also say the key to job satisfaction is getting into a field you genuinely enjoy and have an interest in. As with the majority of engineering jobs, the more you like it, the more you’ll stick with it for the long term and have more opportunities presented to you in the future. Job satisfaction is easy for a graduate engineer when they enjoy going to work every day.

Catapult Staffing not only wants to help graduate engineers find a job, but we want to help you find a job you genuinely enjoy. We have access to numerous engineering jobs and work diligently to match your skills and interests with the perfect job fit. Using a reputable staffing agency can be the first step to a satisfying career, so contact us today to get started.