How to Get Started in the Field of Cyber Security

Temp staffing agenciesA skilled and qualified cyber security professional is invaluable to an organization. The cyber security industry is one of the most in-demand fields today, but companies don’t hire simply anyone to fill the positions. Candidates must have a certain level of technical knowledge sprinkled in with some experience just to get their foot in the door. Getting started in the field of cyber security goes beyond getting a degree and sending your resume to different companies. Here are some attributes you must have in order to get started in this lucrative industry.

Have Many Areas of Experience

Being well-rounded in terms of experience will make you more valuable to organizations. Master the fundamentals needed for the top IT jobs, but then take it a step further and become an expert with other aspects. This could mean mastering various operating systems, scripting languages and more.

Work on Projects in Your Spare Time

When you go in for an interview for various IT jobs, potential employers will ask you what you do outside of work or school. They aren’t necessarily interested in your hobbies, but they want to know how you continue developing your skills when you aren’t on the clock. It’s important to have a few side projects you work on from home just for fun. This demonstrates your interest and commitment to the field and will make you a better candidate.

Combine Education With Experience

In the cyber security industry, education and technical knowledge beats out experience, in most cases. However, combining education with work experience will help put yourself ahead of the curve. Build your portfolio with internships, side projects or part-time jobs. Reach out to temp staffing agencies to see what employers may need a beginner to help with various projects, which in turn will give you valuable experience.

Always Be Networking

Getting the best job right out of college is difficult. Networking throughout college and beyond is invaluable today and can help get your foot in the door to a cyber security career. Whether it’s through LinkedIn or attending networking events in your area, you owe it to yourself to network to have a better chance of finding the IT jobs you desire.

Catapult Staffing has helped thousands of people get started in the field of cyber security. Even if you only have a little experience under your belt, we can match you with a company looking for someone to train. We have an extensive amount of resources available to help candidates like you, so don’t hesitate to contact us when you’re ready to break into this lucrative industry.