How to Choose the Best IT Staffing Agency

Temp it staffingAsk any company in any industry how they achieve success, and most of them will say it’s because of the people they have in place to do their jobs well. The IT world is very specialized and there are plenty of quality candidates everywhere you look. However, just because someone meets the qualifications on paper doesn’t necessarily mean they will be a perfect fit in your organization.

This is when staffing agencies enter the picture. The best agencies will evaluate each candidate thoroughly to learn about their hard skills and soft skills, and compare them to what you need to fill your IT jobs. In many ways, choosing the top IT staffing agency is just as important as hiring the right employee. Here are some tips on finding the best staffing agency.

The Staffing Agency Should Specialize in Your Industry

Not all staffing agencies are created equally. Some of them claim to be a temp IT staffing company with complete expertise in your industry, while others may work in various industries. The reality is the employees who work at the staffing agency need to have knowledge and expertise in your industry, so they will be able to identify the right candidates, understand exactly what you need and more. If the agency doesn’t know anything about your industry, then they won’t know how to narrow down the best candidates as well.

Learn About The Agency’s Process

You can get a good idea about how professional and detailed an IT staffing agency is when you learn about their process. Ask them about their database, how they find candidates, how much involvement you will have as an organization and what type of internal employees they hire. Most times the quality of their own employees will be a direct reflection of the type of talent they will attract and potentially present to you.

The Agency Should Understand Your Needs

If a temp IT staffing agency doesn’t ask you a lot of questions upfront and throughout the hiring process, then you probably shouldn’t feel very confident in their ability to understand your needs. With the wide range of skills needed for IT jobs, the more the agency knows, the better talent they’ll be able to provide you with. Your needs could range from a particular skill set for any given project, including long-term, short-term, temporary or permanent positions.

Catapult Staffing works extensively with employers to ensure the right candidates are presented to fill various IT jobs. We don’t want to just help employers fill open jobs. We want to ensure you have the right candidate to meet and exceed your current and future goals. To learn more about how we can help put your organization in a position to succeed with the top talent available, contact us at any time.