How Big Data is Changing in 2018

big data jobsOne of the changes in big data every year is its growth. The year 2017 focused more on graphs and other visualization tools to help organizations picture the data and streamline their decision-making process. In 2018, things like cloud services, business intelligence, types of analytics and Internet of Things are all expected to have an added emphasis. These are good signs for big data jobs, since a wide range of skills and experiences will be desired for numerous organizations. Here are some of the changes to expect regarding big data in the upcoming year.

Increased Focus on Business Intelligence

Processing information efficiently from a cost and time perspective will have an increased focus this year. The use of business intelligence will be important for businesses of all sizes, especially when it’s based on big data. Using business intelligence in the cloud is expected to become a trend, as well as using more data visualization models to help business owners make more effective decisions to move business forward. The challenge for IT staffing professionals is finding quality talent to provide companies with experienced professionals on business intelligence.

Big Data and Analytics

The trend of data visualization will continue from 2017 and into 2018, and likely beyond. Another point of emphasis will be the use of predictive analytics. Companies have always used historical data to make informed predictions. However, big data today provides businesses with the same historical data, as well as real-time information to help determine the current landscape. The outlook on jobs in big data is positive, especially with the emphasis placed on the need for real-time information for predictive analytics.

The Growing Internet of Things

Many big data jobs will focus on the ever-growing Internet of Things (IoT). Whether it’s improving the retail industry, the healthcare industry or others, big data and the IoT will make huge strides in 2018. The real-time data provided by the IoT will allow business owners and managers to provide a better level of service and provide consumers with exactly what they need, based on the data collected.

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