5 Roles Every Big Data Team Needs

Assembling a team with various skill sets is essential for any job and organization. This is especially true when hiring for big data jobs. While these big data jobs are highly specialized and require unique skill sets, you have to also have a mix of talent. Otherwise, having five people with the same exact skill sets won’t help you move forward. Here are five main roles you should have filled to have the best possible big data team.

big data analytics jobsNavigators

Your data navigators should be experts at filtering through extensive amounts of data to find the most pertinent information you need. These people don’t necessarily have to have the strongest analytical skills, but they do have to be able to store and organize data so it’s easier for the analytical experts.


Data cleansers are important to have as well, since they ensure the data remains clean and accurate throughout any given project. When there are multiple people working on a project, information can be moved around and make everyone’s jobs less efficient. This is one of the most important big data jobs, since the expert is tasked with ensuring all data values are accurate and old data doesn’t get overridden by new data.


Data organizers are also considered to be data architects, and they are important to have when you need to fill roles for big data jobs. They are tasked with structuring copious amounts of data appropriately to ensure it’s readable and accessible for the experts who have big data analytics jobs. These data organizers need to also understand business concepts in order to create the most useful data structures.


Data scientists are key when hiring for big data analytics jobs. These are the experts who crunch the numbers and develop complex analytical models based on business needs. They take numbers and essentially create a story of what has happened in the past, where business currently stands and what the future holds for business operations. Data scientists often get all of the accolades when it comes to big data jobs, but they can’t do their jobs as efficiently without the other members of the team as well.


An often overlooked important skill for people with big data jobs is the ability to communicate clearly. This involves using technical language to people who understand it, as well as translating the technical language into easy-to-understand terms. Big data communicators must bring data to life and essentially tell the story of what’s going on with the numbers and statistics.

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