3 Ways to Use IT Networking to Your Advantage

The more connections you have in the IT industry, the better off you’ll be when it comes to your career aspirations. Networking is increasing in importance, and it’s gotten to the point where you almost have to network in order to get the best software engineer jobs. The good news is there are many different ways to network, so finding the style that fits your personality is entirely possible. You can get as creative as you want with networking, since everyone is different and responds to events in different ways. But why exactly is IT networking important and how can you use it to your advantage? Here are some tips to help you start or advance your IT career.

it staffingBe Comfortable With Meetup Groups

Many people don’t like to attend formal networking events, so they choose not to network at all. If you’re one of those people, use meetup groups to your advantage. These are essentially informal groups that seem more like social clubs. You have the ability to choose the type of group you want to join. Whether it’s meeting IT professionals in general, or attending a meetup group discussing specific cyber security trends, there’s certainly one you can relate to. The more comfortable you are at a networking event, the more you’ll learn and make more connections. Meetup groups can give you exactly this.

Gain Exposure at Conferences

Conferences around the country can range from somewhat formal to completely formal. These conferences are great for listening to speakers talk about the latest developments in the IT world and how they apply to you. Some conferences are smaller or have informal social events to allow an opportunity to meet other professionals. Conferences are a great way to learn about new developments in IT and also create new relationships with professionals like you.

Utilize Your IT Staffing Firm

Most IT professionals aren’t aware that the best IT staffing firm can connect you with experts in your area to provide you the opportunity to network with them. IT staffing agencies have access to a wide range of professionals and employers and can be a valuable asset to boosting your networking efforts. When you take advantage of your IT staffing firm in this way, you’ll be able to create relationships that could potentially lead to getting the software engineer jobs you desire.

Catapult Staffing is an IT staffing firm dedicated to helping job candidates enhance their professional skills and get the best jobs to fit their skills. Whether you’re interested in a career in cyber security or any other related IT field, we can help you use networking to your advantage to land the top jobs. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how we can help you advance your career as an IT professional.