3 Skills You May Have Not Learned with a Software Engineering Degree but Should Know

Earning your software engineering degree is a major accomplishment and shouldn’t be under appreciated. Once you complete the intense course load, it may seem like you’re ready to tackle any job and move up the ladder quickly. However, the reality with software engineer jobs is you often quickly realize you have much more to learn than what was offered with your degree plan. Coming in to a new job with the proper expectations, while preparing yourself for the unexpected, can make your career transition a little smoother. Here are some skills you may not have necessarily developed with your software engineering degree, but should work on now.

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Effective Communication Skills

A common misconception surrounding software engineer jobs is you don’t have to interact with people much. As a result, job candidates think their technical skills and ability to work without assistance will give them the best chance of succeeding at the job. Software engineer jobs are more than knowing programming languages inside and out. You also have to be able to communicate clearly when writing tickets, collaborating with teammates and even translating technical language to clients or other members of your organization who don’t have a high level of technical knowledge.

Fixing Existing Code

Your software engineering degree likely involved a significant amount of time creating new code. While this is an essential part of software engineer jobs, you also have to be able to pick up an existing code and fix it. This requires an entirely different way of thinking, while applying the knowledge you have with building new code. You can prepare yourself for this type of work by taking additional courses on how to fix or enhance existing code, or even work on developing your own code. The main thing is to be well-rounded when it comes to all aspects of the development and enhancement of code.

Working As A Team To Develop Code

Most software engineer jobs require collaboration with other members of the team. This could be vastly different from your degree plan, which likely revolved mostly around independent thinking. The inability to collaborate effectively with other programmers can set you behind the curve and potentially even lead to less production on your part as you try to figure things out on your own.

Catapult Staffing believes a solid mix of soft skills and hard skills makes for the best software engineers. As an IT staffing agency, we see plenty of candidates who get caught off guard when they only focus on the technical skills required for any given job. Our goal is to prepare you as much as we possibly can for the job you’re interested in to increase your chances of succeeding. To learn more about how we can help you start your software engineering career, contact us today.