Could These Skills Bolster Your Budding Cyber Security Career?

Choosing to pursue a cyber security career is a great choice, since the field is in high demand. Cyber criminals never sleep, which means the need for cyber security professionals are needed to protect from attacks occurring worldwide at any given time. Some of the skills you would need for IT jobs are also the ones you need for a cyber security career. Here are several of the skills you’ll need to give your career a big boost.

Secure Software Code Development

Developing software code is an essential skill if you want to land the best cyber security job. The majority of data breaches occur in companies when security software has flaws or vulnerabilities. The challenge any company has with IT staffing is finding people who not only have the skills to find these vulnerabilities, but also know how to patch them up and develop better code.

Risk Analysis

Being able to identify new risks and track them is another vital skillset to have a successful cyber security career. Looking at all aspects of a potential data breach, how intruders could get into a network and what they would have access to are all related to risk management and analysis. Having the ability to develop a plan in the event of a cyber attack will make you a valuable asset for any company.

Understanding of the Cloud

Anyone with an IT job today has a full understanding of what the cloud is and how it works. Companies use the cloud all the time, but they don’t put a priority on cloud security. Becoming an expert in cloud security is a valuable and unique skill anyone looking for IT jobs should have, especially now with more companies utilizing the cloud in their business practices.

Security Planning and Analysis

Cyber securityAnyone pursuing a cyber security career needs to be innovative and develop solutions for cyber attacks. The amount of cyber attacks are increasing daily, and will continue to increase over the years. The role of a cyber security expert is to be able to think outside the box and be a step ahead of the criminals. It’s a unique skillset that could really bolster your career in cyber security.

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