Five Ways New Engineering Graduates Can Nail That Next Job Fair

Catapult Staffing software engineeringWhat’s better than having dozens of potential employers under one roof when you’re a new engineering graduate? You may think landing a job with one of these employers will be simple, but without the right preparation, you may find yourself overwhelmed and blow your opportunity. Job fairs present great opportunities for graduates looking for engineering jobs, so follow these five tips to help you nail them!

1. Research Potential Employers

The success of a job fair depends largely on the research you do beforehand. Make a list of the top 10 employers you want to talk to and research them thoroughly. See what’s in the news, what’s on their website and anything else about the company you can find. You’ll give yourself a chance at the best software developer jobs if you show you already know a lot about the company and are genuinely interested in a career with them.

2. Practice Your Pitch

You have to be able to sell yourself better than anyone else at job fairs. However, you don’t want to sound like a robot. Practice what you’re going to say in the mirror, in front of friends or family members and anywhere you have spare time to ensure you won’t draw a blank in front of a potential employer. Your software engineering resume is important, but your pitch is what a recruiter will remember most from a job fair.

3. Be as Natural as Possible

It’s only natural to be nervous when going to a job fair. Just don’t let those nerves make you become too unnatural. Get some of the nerves out by talking to other colleagues before you even attempt to talk to a potential employer. There will still be some jitters when you shake the hand of your first recruiter, but at least you’ll have some of them out.

4. Ask Intuitive Questions and Make Good Notes

Intuitive questions will arise from the research you do prior to attending the job fair. If you want to land the best engineering jobs, you have to show a recruiter you know what their company is all about. This includes what they’ve done in the past, current challenges they are facing and how you can help to solve them. Make notes about your conversation with them so you can refer back to them later on during follow-up conversations.

5. Follow-Up With Written Letters

Even in the digital age we live in today, nothing is better than a handwritten thank you card. Write these letters as soon as you get back home from the job fair and stick them in the mail as soon as possible. Employers may not be ready to hire someone right away, but if they are, you’ll be at the top of the list if they receive a note from you a few days later.

At Catapult Staffing, we help new engineering graduates get the engineering jobs they desire. For more tips on how to make the most out of job fairs, or if you have questions about the hiring process in general, be sure to contact us.