Five Tips for Surviving Your Job Search and Landing the Perfect First Engineering Job!

Pursuing a professional career in the engineering field is one of the best decisions you could make. Engineers are in high demand right now, but there is also some pretty stiff competition for getting the best engineering jobs. Whether you’ve already graduated from college or are still completing your degree, it’s never too early to begin preparations for your job search. Here are five of the best tips to help you survive your software engineer job search, or any other engineering-related field.

Demonstrate Business Knowledge

The one thing all engineers have in common is they have a high IQ. In order to separate yourself from other candidates, you have to show you are also knowledgeable about how the business works. Review annual reports and learn information about targeted customers, competitors and the market’s history and future projections. Showing this knowledge will help you stand out among the rest for the best engineering jobs.

Develop a Solid Portfolio

You should have developed a pretty good portfolio during college. Not only can you include projects worked on as a part of your curriculum, but your portfolio should also include any side projects you worked on for a company or on your own. As a software engineer, you can always continue to develop your portfolio, so don’t sell yourself short!

Network, Network, Network

Software engineer jobsNetworking will not only build your professional reputation, but it can also lead you to engineering jobs no one else knows about. The majority of software engineer jobs aren’t posted on job boards, simply because companies can get thousands of applicants. Instead, companies are hiring people from within their network. Getting your name out there by attending networking events, joining LinkedIn groups or participating in other events can put you ahead of the curve

Continue Your Education

The best engineers are always enhancing and building on their skills. If you’ve already received your degree, enrolling in a continuing education course will show your dedication when you go in for an interview. This is true for all engineering fields, but especially if you want to become a software engineer.

Research Companies Before Applying for Jobs

The best way to prepare yourself for an engineering job interview is to research the ins and outs of the companies you apply to. See how your skills translate to the company’s overall goals and explain how you believe you can help them. You can really get an employer’s attention by demonstrating how you bring value to them, rather than talking about yourself throughout the interview or even on your resume.

At Catapult Staffing, we help candidates with engineering backgrounds find the job they desire. With so many engineering jobs on the market, these tips can help set you apart from the rest and complete a successful job search. Be sure to contact us to see how we can help you land the engineering job you’ve dreamed of.