Could These IT Engineering Predictions Unfold in 2017?

Catapult Staffing IT staffingThe only constant regarding IT engineering is it will always change. Technology is always evolving, so the biggest challenge with IT jobs is keeping up with the latest trends. Every year there are new predictions for the changes possibly on the horizon. Some of them pan out, but many of them become outdated before they can even get off the ground. Here are some IT engineering predictions for 2017, so you can get ahead of the game if they happen to unfold.

1. Increased Mobility

Companies have been mobile for a few years now, and this isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. In fact, the greatest challenge for IT engineering jobs is trying to predict the newest ways companies will go mobile. As an IT professional, it’s always important to get ahead and learn about the newest mobility trends before they occur. Otherwise, you’ll gain a bad reputation for not staying on top of industry news.

2. Evolution of Automation

Similarly to increased mobility, automation has been around for a long time. The challenges people with IT jobs have are creating scripts to keep up with the automation. As automation continues to evolve, IT engineers must become more deterministic and move away from the dependency of scripting.

3. Shift to Bimodal IT

Bimodal IT simply means engineers will keep their proven IT practices, but always leave the door open for new innovation. When companies are hiring for IT jobs, they are beginning to show a greater appreciation for people who like to be innovative. Having a mix of the traditional IT practices and testing new methods can be very valuable to a business. It allows them to move forward by keeping up with the latest trends, while still playing it safe with proven practices.

4. Movements to Web Scale IT

In order for web scale IT to work, IT engineering professionals have to experiment and be prepared for failure. Traditional software and hardware don’t always work with web scale IT, which means different philosophies must be developed. Again, innovative IT professionals will be very valuable in these roles as web scale IT could evolve more this year.

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